Important Checklist

Below is a checklist of things to ensure your action takes place smoothly and we get some great pictures.

a. Photographer – make sure to arrange a photographer for your event. Great photos are part of the campaign legacy. Email your pictures to . The subject of the email should suggest the name of the action and the body of the email should give a brief description of the action along with name, contact info and  the location of the event.

b. Videographer – if your action involves rallies, art, political meetings etc, a quick video will go a long way in pushing the campaign message to thousands of people. Upload video to or upload the video here –

c. Printing material – make sure to have your banners, posters and flyers ready at least one day before the day of action. Check out our printing material here –

d. Press spokesperson – Identify spokespeople in your action and share with them the India beyond coal talking points which is available here: Make sure they print out the talking points and translate it if necessary. Hundreds more will read/see what the media communicates of your action.

e. Media – Make sure to contact the media for your local day of action. Create a media advisory/press release for your event. The template can be found on the media guide. Make sure they take at least 10-15 copies of this document for the day for the media.

f. Public speaker – Try and have a public speaker for your event who understands the issue and can engage your audiences.
g. Internet access on that day – make sure to have good internet access. Email your pictures to and your video to or upload the video here –

h. Make sure to have basic equipment to set up banners/posters etc. Rope, cellophane, glue, stationery, blue tack etc.

i. If special permission was given for your action, a copy of the permission letter needs to be with the organizer to make sure there are no hurdles during the action.

k. If the action involved meeting politicians, policy makers, then make sure you take a picture with the person while giving a representation and a banner/poster with them.