Solidarity Actions

Not in India but keen on doing an action in your part of the world ? 350 India is excited about solidarity actions for India Beyond Coal that organizers from around the globe are interested in.

Climate change is a global issue and coal is its single biggest cause. Tackling climate change will require a dramatic reduction in humanity’s consumption of coal. India maintains active coal trade relations with specific countries around the globe. With setbacks in domestic coal production owing to inefficient infrastructure and bad management, India’s coal imports have trebled over the past 7-8 years. Most of these imports come from countries like Indonesia, Australia and South Africa with trends indicating growing imports from the U.S.

We are encouraging organizers in the above countries or anywhere in the world to organize solidarity actions in their regions. Visit the ten step action plan and the media section for information on ways to plan and execute actions and build momentum.

Some sample solidarity actions could be as follows

Embassy actions

Embassies are a direct link that host countries have with India. Peaceful actions outside the embassy like delivering a letter to the ambassador, organizing a sit-in, unfurling a banner etc are powerful actions and can grab the attention of the media and the bureaucrats that matter. Here is an example of an action from our campaign against Keystone XL pipeline.

Iconic Locations

Doing a solidarity action in front of iconic locations in your region will produce powerful images for the world to see. A solidarity action here could involve a banner drop or a gathering or any peaceful action that leverages on the action location. Here is an example of such an action.

Trade target actions

Coal India limited and a few private players in India have trade relations with companies in key coal exporting countries. Action outside those companies which may include a coal mining, shipping or trading company can also be effective in drawing media attention and raising the alarm on India’s coal abuse.

Any more ideas, please feel free to share it with us and plan it for November 10. We are working towards making this day a big success and ensure that all our voices reach those in power who can reign in the change we need.