A death knell for coal

October 25, 2012 5:05 pm

During the recently concluded Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Hyderabad, a group of young organizers from 350.org and the Indian youth climate network took out a rally against coal. The rally symbolically pronounced the death of coal by carrying out a funeral procession on the main streets of Hyderabad.

Owing to various hurdles set by the Hyderabad police against any forms of protest, the team had to keep the rally short (40 people) and early in the morning but  made sure we enjoyed every bit of it.

Following the rally the team met the President of the congress party (incumbent Government in Andhra Pradesh) and presented a petition to turn the state legislative assembly green. Such a move can project the city and the state as a progressive place that is keen on pushing for alternative energy for development.

This was followed by 350.org’s participation at the people’s biodiversity festival, a parallel conference to the COP. The festival hosted the likes of Pablo Salon (former lead negotiator for Bolivia) and Vandana Shiva (scientists and activist) and the small team of organizers got an opportunity to interact with various NGO’s, farmers and biodiversity conservators from across India.

Organizers are planning a similar rally in Hyderabad but on a larger scale for the national day of action on November 10th.


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