Democracy under threat: Stop the NIB

October 25, 2012 2:19 pm

This email below just went out to our network. We are calling everybody to sign this petition and stop the National Investment Board, a super authority that can put our forests, wildlife and our people at risk! 

Two weeks ago we wrote to our network about the “super-authority” called the National Investment Board (NIB) and the risks India runs with it controlling our nation’s vast natural wealth. The Prime Minister’s cabinet is meeting this week to discuss the establishment of the NIB and we need to have our say.

Sign this petition to stop the setting up of the NIB and our government’s license to destroy our forests:

Our minister of environment, Jayanthi Natarajan has herself expressed strong concerns about the NIB, lashing out against the undemocratic ways of its functioning. We need to stand by our environment minister on this decision and make sure the NIB does not see the light of day.

As the momentum builds for our national day of action on November 10th, we know that a decision to stop the NIB is very crucial in our fight against dirty coal projects in the country.

Sign this petition and stop the NIB:

We will gather all the signatures, including those signed by our friends and allies at Amnesty International and Greenpeace India and deliver it to the key ministries in the Government.

Chaitanya and the 350 India Team

Read more about the NIB and our Environment minister’s letter to the Prime Minister below:

Jayanthi’s letter to the PM

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