India Beyond Coal

The Day of Action

Invitation to the National Day of Action on Coal

Dear Friends

India faces a great choice, one of the greatest in its history! Will it continue being a coal-powered nation, or will it seek another, cleaner path?

On Nov. 10 we’re coming together around the country for a Day of Action against coal. That’s because coal is starting to take over in this country, from the mines of Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh to the massive power plants in Andhra Pradesh. And with it comes hidden costs like deforestation, loss of biodiversity, increased sickness–and also a changing climate that endangers India’s future (and everyone else’s).

We need energy for everyone in this country–and happily we’re blessed with lots of renewable sources, from sun to wind to tide. But we’ll never develop this clean energy if we get locked into the dirty kind. Yes, it makes more money for some of the richest companies and people in India, but at what cost? , the cost of making life even harder for the poor. So on November 10th we’ll join our human energy in a wave of creative protest against coal. From every part of the country, those who are directly affected by coal and those beginning to realize its negative impacts will come together for this national day of action.

Our excessive dependence on coal threatens a future where we can pull millions of Indians out of poverty. Rising costs of coal, reduced availability, excessive deforestation, negative health impacts and the climate crisis are strong reasons to begin the transition towards renewable energy and energy efficiency.

In the past three years, several grassroots actions have been organized across the planet by organizers like you, to highlight the urgency of climate change along with pushing for sustainable solutions to the challenge. It’s time for our impact to take deep roots in India. The national day of action on Nov. 10 will provide such an opportunity to highlight a serious issue and demand strong climate action! We also want to use that day to act in solidarity with thousands around India and the world already suffering from climate change.

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Civil society organizations, grassroots movements and thousands of concerned citizens are working hard in pushing our Government to adopt alternate energy solutions that already exist. But that is not enough! What we need is a more powerful, visible movement that can unite our country to stand up against coal and mobilize for the real solutions that we truly need!

On that day we will remind our policy makers of the urgency of climate change and push our businesses to adopt clean energy. We invite as much creativity on this day as possible. From human art in Bangalore to rallies in Kolkata to solar energy projects in Maharashtra, it will be a beautiful day of peaceful actions to state that NOW is India’s time to transition away from coal. All our actions, in all their many forms will be united with a common message – “ India: Move Beyond Coal Now.”