NutriBullet 600W – The Perfect Nutrient Extractor

Hello, this is Tracy from California. I am a housewife and lived with my husband and children. As you know children have crave for exciting smoothies, and juices and to make them you need a good blender that can do all this within seconds. I have a regular blender in which making these stuff can be hectic as they are slow as compared to mini blenders and washing them can be difficult. Other reason is that they totally blend the nutrients of ingredients in the blending process and the children didn’t get the pure taste of the recipe.

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Due to this I and my husband decided to buy a mini blender that can perform all these functions within seconds within seconds and without wasting or blending all the nutrients of the ingredients. After searching on the internet we discovered that there is a debate going on Magicbullet vs Nutribullet mini blender. However, both these blenders are from the same brand but people are making their points on both blenders. After researching about both of these blenders and reading a detailed review of both blender at Alicecoopertown we decided to buy NutriBullet 600W.

The blender is quite cheaper as compare to the regular blender and it only cost us $49. The blender was delivered to us within 3 working days and once we opened the box there are multiple items we get in the box including 2 cups of different sizes. One was the size of 24-oz and other is 18-oz of size.

Both these container looks good and are made from hardened BPA plastic free material. After reading the user manual we get to know about that this material is toxicity proof. The overall design of the blender is unique and looks beautiful. The material used in the manufacturing of this unique blender looks extremely good and of high quality. The plastic used at the motor base is hardened and looks almost like the metal.

The blades are sharp enough and are made of stainless steel. These blades can extract all the nutrition’s from the ingredients without wasting them. The motor this blender has is about 600W which is powerful enough for this size of machine. I decided to read the user manual further to understand the functions of this blender so that I can easily use it.

After reading all the manual and user guide I decided to make something for my children and put all the whole ingredients in the 24-oz cup and put it onto the motor base. The blending process is easy and I just twist the cup twice and the blender started the blending process. It took only seconds for the blender to blend the ingredients and turn them into exciting smoothies.

One thing I felt missing in this blender is the variable speed controls which can be very essential to get the desired texture of each and every recipe and also there was no pulse feature in the blender. However, this blender is best and fast enough to make recipe and I am very happy with it.

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